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The Private Investigator and The DUI Case

Everyone who drinks alcohol even a little, or only occasionally, knows the danger and expense associated with an arrest and conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol, pills or other intoxicants.

How big is the problem?

Source: Centers for Disease Control

Most people arrested for DUI hire a lawyer. Sure—that is very important. But before parting with that big lump-sum retainer, it might be cheaper, faster and smarter to hire a private investigator.

The private investigator, with your authorization, can do any and all of the following:

Whether you have hired an attorney or not, you can guarantee the police will be following up on all these issues. And they might not tell you or your lawyer about witnesses, evidence or other facts that do not help the prosecution of their case against you. And it is important to move quickly. Witnesses forget, leave town, move away or decide later not to get involved. Evidence can go missing. A prompt private investigation may be your best chance to avoid these problems.

So when and if you hire legal counsel, your attorney will be delighted to have the evidence, witness statements and photographs your private investigator has already obtained. Because 99% of people arrested for DUI don’t think to take these steps.

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