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Criminal, Civil and Domestic Surveillance

got-herOur Private Investigators are highly trained in domestic surveillance, as well as civil and criminal surveillance. Our investigators are equipped with state-of-the-art cameras and video equipment, as well as advanced communication capabilities for observation and documentation of evidence in all domestic surveillance cases.

Our investigators are trained by local police and seasoned by years of experience conducting all types of domestic surveillance. In addition, we pride ourselves on our discretion and confidentiality in these sensitive domestic matters. Classified investigations are conducted to substantiate or disprove alleged disability, misconduct, or infidelity. Observations made during domestic surveillance are executed to present the most convincing evidence in a court of law.

If you suspect your domestic partner of any type of misconduct, don’t agonize over your suspicions. Allow our private detectives to help you set your mind at ease. Within a very short timeframe, you’ll be able to rest assured that your partner is innocent of any wrongdoing, or you’ll have the proof to confront him or her about any inappropriate actions.

To learn more about domestic surveillance in your area, contact our office.

Business Background Checks

Do you know what your competitors are up to right now? Are they gaining on you? Preparing to launch a new product? Planning an expansion? Facing bankruptcy? If you are in business, you need to know what your competition is doing. Our Private Investigators offer comprehensive business background check services. Contact us today to discover that business intelligence doesn’t have to be limited to Fortune 500 companies; all businesses, including yours, can benefit from competitive background check research.

Business background check services can help you make better business decisions about selecting new suppliers, customers, or business partners by searching several databases exclusively available to the Private Investigator community. If you are considering a business relationship, you need to know about the company’s background. Does it have a history of bankruptcies or judgments? Find out this critical information and make better business decisions before you spend valuable time and resources working with another company. Our comprehensive business background check services can include:

  • Name and address of the business, possible owners and officers
  • Employer Identification Number when available
  • Lawsuits, liens, judgments and corporate records
  • Products sold by the business
  • Credit report of the business
  • Information on licenses, permits, corporation filing and business registrations
  • Possible bankruptcies or Bankruptcy Docket Sheet
  • UCC Filings, associated businesses, associated people
  • Internet domain names registered
  • Current and previous property ownership
  • Possible current motor vehicle ownership
  • On-Site Verification

Additional information such hiring and firing practices, rumors and gossip about the business is also available at select times. You can count on our Private Detectives’ more than 25 years of experience in performing business background checks. Our licensed professional agents will uncover the background check information you need to make smarter business decisions.

Business Background Check Fee: Call for Quote. Average Turnaround time: 3 to 7 working days

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