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Proposed legislation would limit police investigations for murder, drug sales, and child sex crimes

Fresno, California, UNITED STATES, June 5, 2015:

Proposed new state laws would build new hurdles for police agencies investigating murder, big drug sales and child sex crimes. e state Senate on Wednesday approved a bill that would require law enforcement in California to obtain a search warrant or wiretap order before searching a person’s smartphone, laptop or other electronic device or accessing information stored on remote servers.The bill, by Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco), also would protect locational information stored on smartphones and other devices unless police officers show probable cause to a judge.

Legal analyst Jeff Hammerschmidt studys police use of technology. He supports the legislation. “Law enforcement won’t be able to drive by your vehicle and get information from your cellphone, get photos from your cellphone, get emails from your cellphone, get banking information from your cellphone,” said Hammerschmidt. “They would be required to get a warrant to get that type of information.”

Hammerschmidt says police use of that type of technology is expanding. In fact, in response to a public records request, sheriff’s deputies in San Bernardino County admitted using Stingrays more than 300 times without a warrant in the last year and a half.

Private investigators will continue to have an increased role in cases like this. Private investigators can work cases like this directly with attorneys, and also independently. Private investigators often have relationships with law enforcement officers, both in the jurisdiction where the investigation is proceeding, and elsewhere. The private investigator is ideally positioned to bring together the right legal representation, experts, police sources and witness interviews.

It is important for a party lacking access to the law enforcement investigation to move independently to secure investigative help. And to find someone who can act quickly, accurately and professionally.

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