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New Court Ruling Paves the Way for Businesses to be Sued for Failure to Protect Information

Washington, D.C. UNITED STATES August 25, 2015

Elise Viebeck, writing in Powerpost for the Washington Post, reports that the Third Circuit Court of Appeals just made it easier for the government to sue business who have been hacked for failure to provide adequate security for their customers and brokers. The ruling clarifies the [Federal Trade Commission’s] powers, giving it more ammunition against businesses that fail to invest in their own security,” The Washington Post reports. “And that could be good news for consumers in light of the growing pace of online attacks … The court’s decision finds that the FTC acted appropriately when it sued Wyndham Worldwide Corporation, a massive international hotel chain and hospitality conglomerate, after Wyndham was hacked three times in two years, exposing the credit card data of more than 600,000 customers.”

In fact, someone has filed a lawsuit against infidelity Web site Ashley Madison and its parent company in federal court, saying he suffered emotional distress after the site was hacked. “The lawsuit claims that the data breach could have been prevented if the company had taken ‘necessary and reasonable precautions to protect its users’ information, by, for example, encrypting the data,’” Reuters reports. “The lawsuit says that in addition to making ‘extremely personal and embarrassing information… accessible to the public,’ the data breach made personal details such as addresses, phone numbers and credit card information available on the web.”

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