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Even More Ways a Private Investigator Can Help Win Your Lawsuit [Part 2]

Huntington Beach, CA UNITED STATES November 24, 2015

Private Detective Services informs us of the valuable ways a Private Investigator can assist in winning your lawsuit. Private Detective Services, a well-known licensed private investigator in Huntington Beach, works extensively with attorneys, testifies in court, provides consistently innovative process service and private investigation services. His firm has more than 30 years of experience, their services are reasonably priced, and always within the bounds of applicable law.

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In Part I of this article you learned five important ways a Private Investigator can help win your lawsuit. In this second Part you will learn even more ways that a Private Investigator can make it much more likely that you will prevail in court or settlement.

As explained in Part I a Private Investigator can provide your lawyer with a more extensive picture of the facts in the case as well as locate and gather the necessary evidence to win.

A Private Investigator can also help you win your case by:

  1. Interviewing key parties, character witnesses, fact witnesses, supporting witnesses, reluctant parties or eyewitnesses is critical in the preparation of a case for trial or settlement. When an investigator interviews someone and then later that person testifies, in a deposition or trial, in a way that is not consistent with his or her statements to the investigator that investigator can then be called as a witness to “impeach” the witnesses testimony. In other words the investigator can testify to what that witness told him or her during the interview thereby damaging their credibility usually fatally.. This can be very valuable in cross-examination.
  2. Conducting background investigations [vetting] on your opponent, witnesses on both sides and even the jurors and judges can provide valuable information. Background checks on your opponent, his or her witnesses, anyone who will be offering evidence against you will often uncover relevant damaging information that your lawyer can use. Information uncovered about a judge or juror can provide important insight into that person’s beliefs and opinions thereby helping your lawyer make an informed decision about whether you want that person sitting as a juror. In the case of a judge, some information could provide information prompting you to challenge that judge on the basis that he or she could not be fair and impartial.
  3. Locating lost witnesses or heirs. You have a great witness who is going to testify to critical facts that will prove your case. But, oh no, that witness is no where to be found! Your private investigator can locate them and their home and cell phone numbers!
  4. Serving subpoenas on reluctant witnesses. No one is better at serving legal papers than a private investigator.
  5. Retrieving and analyzing all kinds of records – business and corporate records, arrest records, conviction records, civil and bankruptcy records, real property records, motor vehicle, boat and airplane registrations,

So go out there and get your lawyer to hire an investigator to help with your case. It can make the difference between winning and losing.

Any background check or asset investigation should include the expertise of a private investigator and the unique resources they can access for the parties and attorneys on each side. AssetSearchPro.com can help you with this important service.

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