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Ellen Pao must pay her former employer Kleiner Perkins $276k in legal costs for unsuccessful discrimination case

San Francisco, California, UNITED STATES, June 17, 2015:

In a news breaking article today, the Huffington Post announced that discrimination and retaliation plaintiff has been ordered to pay $275,966 in costs for her failed case against her former employer, venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins. Judge Harold Kahn issued a tentative ruling on the issue of costs incurred by Kleiner in defending the lawsuit filed by Pao charging gender discrimination and retaliation against Kleiner on March 27. After prevailing, Kleiner asked that Pao repay $972,814 in costs for expert fees, depositions, transcription and travel for expert witnesses it had incurred during the trial.

In response to the cost bill, Pao filed a reply in San Francisco Superior Court, saying she should not have to pay Kleiner’s “gargantuan and unreasonable charges.” Kahn on Wednesday weighed in with a ruling that “granted in part and denied in part” both sides. In a five-page document very reminiscent of his dry wit during the five-week long trial, Kahn went through each of Pao’s requests.

Kahn allowed most of the costs Kleiner listed in its initial filing, including basic items such as jury food ($177.56), filing and motion fees ($240) and technology equipment rental ($7,196.)

However, he noted that under the Fair Employment and Housing Act , the court must consider the economic resources of both sides and “scale” them so as to be fair to both sides. While noting that Pao “is not indigent,” Kahn also said that Kleiner has “vastly” greater economic resources than she does. Consequently, he scaled back the costs of Kleiner’s expert witnesses to be more in line with those that Pao hired and then charged her that amount.

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