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CIA Director Brennan’s Emails Made Public

Washington D.C. UNITED STATES 10/21/2015

Sam Stein, Senior Politics Editor of The Huffington Post, invites the public to personally read through the recently released private emails of John Brennan.

Stein’s lead article for the October 21, 2015 HuffPost Politics online page, is entltled:

Here Are John Brennan’s Emails, Just Released By Wikileaks
Help us read through them, and tell us what you find.

The article also includes a link to the emails. Read the emails here.

Wikileaks on Wednesday released the contents of CIA Director John Brennan’s private email account. Wikileaks tweeted earlier in the day that it had obtained Brennan’s emails, but did not elaborate on how it had done so. Earlier this week, however, a teenager alleged that he had hacked into Brennan’s AOL email account and uncovered files dealing with the CIA chief’s security clearance application.

Both the FBI and Secret Service have said they are investigating those allegations.

After his post as President Barack Obama’s homeland security adviser, in March 2013 Brennan assumed the CIA post. He has been criticized by transparency advocates and human rights organizations for overseeing a massive global surveillance apparatus and for pushing back against congressional investigations into the CIA’s use of torture during the post-9/11 years.

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